2014 Spring Schedule

Welcome to the 2014 Spring Schedule. Below is a list of the games to be played in the Spring.
For the up to date game log with results, go HERE.
At the bottom is a printable schedule. 
DATE             DAY      OPPONENT                    SITE                                TIME
01/31/14        Fri.      Lassen College               Appeal-Democrat Field       5:00p
02/01/14        Sat.     Lassen College               Appeal-Democrat Field     12:00p
02/04/14        Tue.    Butte College                  Appeal-Democrat Field      5:00p
02/10/14        Mon.      Mission College               Santa Clara, CA              2:00p
Gary Engelken Memorial Tourney**
02/14/14        Fri.      Feather River**              Appeal-Democrat Field       5:00p
02/15/14        Sat.     Cabrillo College **          Appeal-Democrat Field       3:00p
02/18/14        Tue.    Butte College                  Orovile, CA                       2:00p
02/21/12        Fri.      Redwoods College           Appeal-Democrat Field       6:00p
02/22/12        Sat.     Redwoods College (DH)   Appeal-Democrat Field      11:00a
02/25/12        Tue.     Sierra College                Appeal-Democrat Field       5:00p
03/01/14        Sat.     Sierra College                Rocklin, CA                        1:00p
03/04/14        Tue.     Santa Rosa College        Santa Rosa, CA                  2:00p
03/06/14        Thu.     Sacramento City            Sacramento, CA                 5:00p
03/07/14        Fri.      Modesto College            Appeal-Democrat Field         2:00p        
Bay Valley Conference Play
03/11/14        Tue.     College of Marin             Appeal-Democrat Field        2:00p
03/13/14        Thu.     College of Marin             Kentfield, CA                      2:00p
03/15/14        Sat.      College of Marin             Appeal-Democrat Field        1:00p
03/18/14        Tue.     Los Medanos College       Appeal-Democrat Field        2:00p
03/20/14        Thu.     Los Medanos College       Pittsburg, CA                      2:00p
03/22/14        Sat.      Los Medanos College      Appeal-Democrat Field        1:00p
03/25/14        Tue.     Mendocino College          Appeal-Democrat Field        2:00p
03/28/14        Fri.      Mendocino College (G1)   Appeal-Democrat Field       12:30p
                                Mendocino College (G2)   Appeal-Democrat Field        2:30p
04/01/14        Tue.     Contra Costa College       Appeal-Democrat Field       2:00p
04/03/14        Thu.     Contra Costa College       San Pablo, CA                   2:00p
04/05/14        Sat.      Contra Costa College      San Pablo, CA                    1:00p
04/08/14        Tue.      Laney College                Appeal-Democrat Field       2:00p
04/10/14        Thu.      Laney College                Oakland, CA                      2:00p
04/12/14        Sat.       Laney College               Appeal-Democrat Field        1:00p
04/15/14        Tue.      Solano College               Fairfield, CA                      2:00p
04/17/14        Thu.      Solano College               Appeal-Democrat Field       2:00p
04/18/14        Fri.        Solano College               Fairfield, CA                      1:00p
04/22/14        Tue.      Napa Valley College        Napa, CA                          2:00p
04/24/14        Thu.      Napa Valley College        Appeal-Democrat Field       2:00p
04/26/14        Sat.      Napa Valley College        Napa, CA                          1:00p
Post-Season Play
04/29/14        Tue.      State playoffs 1st rd         TBD                                2:00p
05/2-3/14       Fr-Sa    State playoffs 2nd rd         TBD                                TBD
05/9-11/14     Fr-Su    SUPER-REGIONAL             TBD                                TBD
5/16-18/14     Fr-Su    STATE SECTIONALS          TBD                                TBD
05/24-26/14   Fr-Su     STATE CHAMPIONSHIP     Fresno, CA                       TBD

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